An Effective Tool Suitable to Manage Memory Levels

Tonny Park

Monitor memory and CPU usage in real time using this uncomplicated, impressive program.

RAM Boost Master's well-designed interface displays easy-to-read meters and a graph for a quick look at your PC's current memory status and usage. Using the Options tab, you can quickly retrieve a fixed amount of memory with just a press of a button, and set the program to automatically optimize when the computer's memory falls below a user-specified limit or percentage. It docks in the system tray and shows available memory, which is fairly standard for applications of this type.

What sets RAM Boost Master apart from its competitors are flexible tray-icon settings that allow the user to customize not only what information is displayed but how it's presented. We are especially impressed by the simple but effective color-coded graphics offered for the tray icon. Also of note are the Performance Modification options, which allow advanced users to optimize other areas and disable or enable a few system settings. RAM Boost Master is an easy-to-use and effective tool suitable for any user who needs to monitor and manage memory levels.