Benefit the most from this effective application

Echo Mase

This utility enhances your Windows built-in Task Manager with some helpful extras. CareWindows Process Control Master resembles your Windows Task Manager's interface and lists all processes on your system. On launch, the utility detects and gathers data regarding all running processes on your system, such as rating, size, and memory usage. As you browse through the list, CareWindows Process Control Master displays the application filename, version, company, and security details. This program's primary advantage over the standard Task Manager is the blacklist and the white list. If you want to terminate processes, add unwanted processes to Blacklist or add wanted and safe processes in White list. You can immediately terminate processes with just a few clicks. Additionally, CareWindows Process Control Master displays a real-time graph of your system's performance. The application runs in the system tray and enables you to quickly get detailed profile information on any running process, including its status, running time, priority, and ID. You also can close any process with a few clicks, although the application strongly warns you about the dangers of killing a program in operation. .